Continental Lasers (UK) Ltd, is one of a handful of companies who are foremost in the Laser Hire market. Systems ranging from 2 milliwatt Helium Neon lasers up to the large frame White light, Argon, Krypton and mighty 50Watt Nd.YAG pulsed lasers.

Continental Lasers are one of the largest rental stockists in the United Kingdom.
All systems are manned by our technicians.
Hire systems are priced on various parameters as follows:-

Transportation Requirements
Type and power of laser source
Period of hire (single or continuous)
Show Production Costs (if applicable)
Show Programming costs (if applicable)
Animation and Graphic costs (if applicable)

Liaison services with Local Authorities, Environmental Health, CAA and HSE officers including completion and adherence to Government Safety HSG95 guidelines within the United Kingdom, are provided as part of all Hire and Sales contracts.               

Our Laser Studio is available for photographers and agencies who require visual material, using laser lighting.             
Seeing is believing! Contact our offices to arrange a demonstration of our systems for your needs.              
Continental Lasers (UK) Ltd will transform your ideas into reality!