Searchlights (single and multiray effects)
Utilising a XBO ZENON lamp, these units produce a single narrow beam slicing through the night sky. A motorized reflector precisely sweeps the beam through the sky with up to 50deg pan and tilt.

High reflectivity optics and precision focus settings ensure a superbly intense perfect light beam visible at distances of more than 20Km making them ideal for product launches and premiers or attention grabbers for evening events.

Control is via DMX512 or onboard of 6 different effect sequences.

Multiple units can be synchronized to a master unit.

Completely waterproofed to IP65 and able to withstand temperatures as low as –30deg or as high as 50deg

An ideal attention grabber for Low budget displays. Producing 36 Individual beams arranged in
3 concentric circles, the output of the Space Magnum can be seen up to 5Km from source. Control of
the Space Magnum is on board and the unit runs automatically.

Single Beam Effect – Imperial

Pan & Tilt angle +/- 25deg
Manual tilt 0 to 75deg from vertical
Control DMX512 /Automatic/Manual/synchro

Power req 16A 3 phase
Lamp XBO4000/HS Zenon
Beam angle 1deg

Dimensions 794mm x 840mm x 1400mm
Weight 155Kgs

Mutliray Beam Effects – Magnum


Power Requirements: 220VAC @ 13.5A
Pan excursion: 120deg
Manual tilt: 0 to 45deg from horizontal
Lamp: 3000STI
Control: internal
No. of Beams: 3 x 12 beams concentric circles